I saw this in Metal Hammer the other day, went searching, and found it. It's from the April 2007 issue. It's an interview with Stone Sour, and there's mention of Ev.

«That tour was fuckin' great!» grins Stone Sour four-stringer Shawn Economaki. «Hell, it was really cool.»
«Amy can take a punch too,» nods singer Corey Taylor.
You punched her?!
«She wanted to start these boxing matches after the show.» Shawn shakes his head in disbelief. «The first time I thought she was joking and I went into the dressing room, chill out some, have some drinks or whatever, and I shit you not, she wanted to box! Not with gloves! Just open-fist, manly, boxing!»
«Like open-fist slapping,» adds gigantic, erudite guitarist Jim Root. «Like, on the face.»
She's a little goth girl!
«She kicked the shit out of Shawn!» snarls Corey, by explanation. «I kicked her and fuckin' ran away. She was beating my ass.»
But... she's like a sad, porcelain doll. How could you hit her?!
«It's all a facade, man,» Jim gravely states. «She's a bully. A bully.»
«The rest of her band were just cheerin' her on! Like,» Shawn approximates mouse-like girl-squeks, «'do some HIGH KICKS!'»
«It was like a punk band opening for Fleetwood Mac,» laughs Corey. «We'd go onstage and just scare the fuckin' BEJEESUS out of these little 16-year-old goth girls.»
Well of course you did, if you're going to go on tour with Evanescence...

It's Copenhagen in February, the first date of Stone Sour's European tour — their first headline after a Canadian stint supporting Amy Lee's goth-pop chancers — and Stone Sour have the constitution of sleepy koala bears.